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The Steady Swagger

steady swagger
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  • 20 November - 10 December 2017 / March - April 2'018 / June - July - August 2018
  • European booking except Switzerland, France
  • Band: Pi Sailin Cutler, Mat "Chewy" Lacombe, Sergio D'isanto
  • Line up: Pi Sailin Cutler - guitar/vocal; Mat "Chewy" Lacombe - upright bass/vocal; Sergio D'isanto - drums
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Take the ringing voice of a proud viking, the charm of an expert narrator, the dramatic charm of a woodcutter and the feverish energy of a sailor, add these ingredients to a fermenting barrel and the end result is the style of the Steady Swagger , in two words “Whiskey Billie”; robust, charismatic and aggressively fun. It’s folk rock that effortlessly interweaves the sounds of punk guitar, jazz, rhythms of waltz, lesser edifying shades and hip-hop, all keeping a coherent unit sound.
The constant Swagger is a power trio originally from Montreal. Their live performances have gradually become an energy experience shared between artists and the public. They have been compared to the likes of Tom Waits, Primus and Gogol Bordello due to their baritone voices, original compositions and fevered energy.Their music is explosive like gunpowder!